Coaching by Lewis Plato

Like so many of today’s top drivers, Lewis Plato began his career in karting, notching numerous wins and championships both in the UK and Europe.


Alongside his motorsport commitments Lewis is available for one to one driver coaching. It is the most effective way to extract the best out of yourself and your car, allowing you to develop as a driver and greatly improve your skills in order to drive more quickly and consistently.


Tuition allows you to improve your skills, and greatly reduce your lap times,

and is both cost and time efficient.


The following techniques will be focused on in a programme suited to develop and improve on your current level of skills, whilst introducing, demonstrating and teaching further techniques:


How to push yourself and the car safely to the limit.


Positioning of the car on track.


Weight transfer and how it affects the handling.


How to correct or solve oversteer and understeer.


When to apply the power and how this affects the overall corner speed and

balance of the car.


Racing lines, for the dry and the wet.


When, how hard to brake techniques.


Vision and how important it is to be looking through the corner.


Heel and Toe, for downshifting properly.


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